The Harbour Directors operate to a world-class standard, with governance, responsiveness and transparency at their core:

  • Harbour directors limit the number of personal directorships held.
  • Directors are always available to discuss and work through fund matters that arise.
  • We appreciate that raising and retaining capital is of critical importance.
  • We are always accessible to investors and prospective investors, ensuring that they are satisfied with the corporate governance structure the fund has in place.


The investment funds industry operates on the basis that a fund has no direct employees and delegates the investment management, administration and accounting functions to other professional service providers. It is critical to engage non-executive directors that are truly independent of all fund service providers.

Minimising operational risk is central to the Harbour approach and conducting thorough due diligence is a primary function of any directorship. From set up to closure of a fund, Harbour emphasizes the importance of the governance cycle in everyday operations.


Harbour commits to dealing ethically and fairly with all of our fund clients. Our firm, and directors, comply with industry best practices, avoid conflicts of interest and at all times represent the interests of the funds we service.


Harbour provides services to many of the world’s largest fund managers and the team are constantly evolving to meet the needs of managers, investors, and regulators alike. Our fund directors are not only experts at their roles, but also anticipating and proactively managing change.


Harbour directors are independent of all other fund service providers. The team provide unbiased oversight of the various fund structure participants, avoiding real and perceived conflicts of interest, preserving the integrity of fund governance at all times.


Harbour builds value throughout each client relationship. The combination of our expertise, independence and strength of commitment to the client is proven, resulting in a bespoke service for each client. Our values ensure impeccable governance and relationships based on responsive, transparent operations.